February 14 2001


Yesterday’s traffic in the discussion group has finally convinced me to change the discussion group from chronological to topic view.

Na, Sean, wie findest Du das?

Valentine’s Day

For lots of Valentine’s Day-related links, go to Booknotes!

Gosh, it sure seems to be a big day over in the US. Here in Germany, it’s not such a huge affair. Shops selling either flowers, chocolate, or perfume try to get people to buy Valentine’s gifts, but that’s about it.

Susan caught Valentine’s day’s sunrise – two days of great photos in a row!

Blog you, die letzte

Read a few thoughts on Blog you on Duncan’s Jotter and at Papa Scott, who is arraning his patio furniture the way he likes.

And the best, of course, is this one: Al Critiques Blog You*3! Al’s review gets 10 out of 10 points from me!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

While I lay in bed and slept soundly, things were pretty busy in my discussion group. I wonder why weblogging tends to happen in ‘waves’. Sometimes, there’s not a useful link or interesting topic around for a week on end, and you just flip the page to let people know you’re still alive, and then everything happens at once. Just look at the entries from yesterday and the day before, and look at the discussion group. I just changed the preferences so all the messages fit on the page… whew!

I guess you don’t need a critic to tell you if your blog is any good if you’ve got so many nice people post and discuss! Thank you!


I’m back from the University. Today was likely my very last Vorlesung ever. Now I have to get some work done. Let’s hope there’s not so much interesting stuff around to post today. Sonst muß ich ja bald befürchten, daß Jörg sich beschwert, weil ich ihm den ‘Mr. Output’ streitig mache…

3 thoughts on “February 14 2001

  1. Duncan Smeed

    Hey David, join the club. Those guys are total dopes. Wonder what we’d say of they rated one of our favourite sites highly? ;-) At the moment that site has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.



  2. garret p vreeland

    oh damn, david … you got my kiefer! i wanted one of those!

    it’s one of their highest compliments …

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