February 9 2001


Blog You wrote about Al’s weblog. Like the Curmudgeon, I say he deserves a much better rating! Wise words from John:

“It makes you wonder whether traditional criticism makes sense for weblogs. They shouldn’t be judged in isolation, as one would judge a magazine or TV show. It’s important how they add to the total fabric of the web, especially the local community of weblogs they’re part of.”

Al, you don’t get any ‘Donalds’ from me, you get these:

facehappy: facehappy: facehappy: facehappy: facehappy: – That’s five out of five.

Garret has some thoughts about criticising weblogs as well, and he sums it up like this:

“so ignore the critics, and blog away my friend. your particular audience is listening.”

I think it doesn’t make sense for weblogs to be rated or criticised by people who don’t read the weblog regularly. You can’t base your judgement on briefly reading the current homepage, as Blog You obviously do. The only opinions I would consider to be significant are the ones of the faithful readers. And if you have many of them, and they’re all nice people, that says a lot more about the quality of your blog than anything else.

Big brother is watching you

Especially on the internet. Today I found How to surf anonymously.

Link via Netdyslexia.


Note to self: Here is a page with instructions on how to make PDF files with OzTeX:

PdfTeX for OzTeX 4.0.


Today, Scott turns 39 years old. Happy Birthday, Scott! Have a great day!

Oh, and I hope your other birthday presents are better than the one you got yesterday!

2 thoughts on “February 9 2001

  1. garret p vreeland

    you’re right, of course. to read through a person’s archives is *not* the same as reading them in temporal context.

    if you looked at my posts during the election, from the viewpoint of today, you would come to a completely different conclusion about me as a person.

    look at the critics’ weblogs; sure, THEY can judge others …

  2. Susan Kitchens

    Today I found How to surf anonymously.

    Advantages to anonymous surfing: when you’ve got DSL and a fixed IP address, and a machine name that, well, has your initials in it (as mine does), then when very sick curiousity gets the better of you and you wanna see what shenanigans your psychotic ex-boyfriend is up to (hey, who was it that said all this weblogging is vapid? a case in point right here, eh?), you can go there without leaving a trace in his server logs.

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