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Driving on the Moon

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

My Own Private Sky: Restored “16mm” footage from Apollo 16 Mission.

Link via dangerousmeta!

Last man to walk on the moon

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

The Two-Way: Gene Cernan, Last Man To Walk On The Moon, Dies At 82.

“The last person to leave footprints on the moon has died. NASA reported that Gene Cernan died Monday at the age of 82, surrounded by his family.

Gene Cernan flew in space three times, including twice to the moon. Cernan was big, brash and gregarious. And if he hadn’t been lucky, he could have missed his chance to walk on the moon.”

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A strong woman

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The Washington Post: Annie Glenn: ‘When I called John, he cried. People just couldn’t believe that I could really talk.’.

“As John [Glenn] himself wrote, “We practically grew up in the same playpen. We never knew a time when we didn’t know each other.” (Annie says they were 2 years old when they met.)

But they were different. John was athletic and outgoing while Annie barely spoke, not because she didn’t have anything to say, but because when she did, people often assumed she was either deaf or mentally deficient.

For most of her life, Annie was afflicted with an 85 percent stutter, meaning she would become “hung up on 85 percent of the words she tried to speak, which was a severe handicap,” as John put it.

Those years must have been torture for Annie.”

“John always had the right stuff”

Friday, December 9th, 2016

New York Times: John Glenn, American Hero of the Space Age, Dies at 95.

“John Glenn, a freckle-faced son of Ohio who was hailed as a national hero and a symbol of the space age as the first American to orbit Earth, then became a national political figure for 24 years in the Senate, died on Thursday in Columbus, Ohio. He was 95.
Finally, 36 years after his Mercury flight, in the last months of his final Senate term, he got his wish for a return to orbit. […] At 77, he became the oldest person to go into space.”

NASA has a lot of material and further links on their John Glenn page.

Deutsche Welle: Former US astronaut and senator John Glenn dead aged 95. “John Glenn, the first US astronaut to orbit Earth and a former Ohio senator, has died at 95. Hailed as “the ultimate hometown hero,” he served as a senator for 24 years and later became the oldest man in space.”

Die Zeit: Astronautenlegende John Glenn – ein Pfadfinder im Weltraum. “Was für ein Leben: John Glenn umkreiste vor 50 Jahren nicht nur als erster US-Amerikaner die Erde. Er wollte Präsident werden und flog mit 77 ein zweites Mal ins All.” Von Hellmuth Vensky, 20. Februar 2012.

Physics can be broadly broken down into three parts

Monday, December 5th, 2016

Dominic Walliman: The Map of Physics. Direct link to the map itself.

Dominic Walliman is a physicist and science writer and the author of the Professor Astro Cat science books.

Some links via MetaFilter: (Includes the Chasm of Ignorance).