February 24 2001


Wonderful black and white photographs in the Seattle Times: Traveling Light, story and photo gallery by Rosanne Olson.

“During the past four years, I have traveled in Europe, Mexico and the United States, taking pictures with my pinhole camera, which is essentially a box with a tiny pinhole to let in light.”

Link via Sheila.

Postscript graphics in LaTeX

Update to yesterday’s problem: I have recreated all my graphics with MetaPost, and it works now! facehappy:

I created some macros for this. If you want to know how I did it, look here:



The Wild Parrots of San Francisco’s Telegraph Hill. Sightings, stories, links, photos, FAQ, …


universum bremen: Gerade habe ich das Universum Science Center Bremen entdeckt. (Wieso ist der Name eigentlich deutsch und englisch gemischt? Entweder – oder!) Sieht so aus, als sei es ein ähnliches Museum wie das Exploratorium in San Francisco. Ich glaube, beim nächsten Besuch bei meinen Eltern muß ich mal einen Tagesausflug nach Bremen machen…

Las Vegas

Check out Susan’s photos – she went to Hoover Dam and Las Vegas!


Good morning! I jus tried to check my email, but it still is not working. André found out that it’s not the mail server and not the provider, but some bigger internet backbone route or something. Anyway, I don’t get any email and can’t send any either. Sigh… nothing to distract me from those graphics, it seems.

Oh, und danke für den Link zu Ghostscript, Jörg!

Have a nice day, everyone!