January 11 2001

More troopers

And here is my favourite trooper! André doesn’t think the similarity to be striking, but I think the hair and the glasses look pretty much like they really do. Compare his trooper to his picture in the entry below!

André also found this gallery of about 3 dozen Blogging StorTroopers (& friends).

me as trooper: I’m a trooper

Okay, so I did it too. Because Everyone else is doing it, too!

Go to storTroopers to create a picture of yourself. By the way, I created two storTroopers, and when I hit the ‘Save’ button, my browser crashed – both times. When I restarted my computer and reloaded the page, the image I had created before the crash appeared properly on the right side of the page. I wonder why that happened… (I used IE 5.0 on MacOS 9.)

Pictures, pictures!

Susan has some wonderful photos of San Francisco at night!

How sane am I?

I just found a link to a sanity test on BookNotes. And it says: “You are 14.5454545454545% insane. – You are what the government would have us believe is normal.”

Oh, and by the way, I think a sanity test that seems to give results in periodic decimal fractions is about 99.9898989898989% insane.

Update: Craig says I shouldn’t feel bad – he thinks I’m at least 43.6363636363636% insane, too. Hmm… is that a compliment? wink:

United States Postal Service

The USPS seems to be very reliable – and even has a sense of humor! The Annals of Improbable Research conducted some postal experiments and successfully mailed items like an unwrapped pair of tennis shoes, a $20 bill in a clear bag, some old cheese, a molar tooth, and a wrapped brick:

“Wrapped in brown paper […]. Extreme weight for size made package seem suspicious. Notice of attempted delivery received, 16 days. Upon pickup at station, our mailing specialist received a plastic bag containing broken and pulverized remnants of brick. Inside was a small piece of paper with a number code on it. Our research indicates that this was some type of US Drug Enforcement Agency release slip. The clerk made our mailing specialist sign a form for receipt.”

Link via MetaFilter.

Lunar eclipse

CNN has a photo gallery with wonderful eclipse photos from Europe and Africa. (Yes, that’s the photo gallery from the article Sheila linked to the other day…)

Link via Sushma Kishore.

6 thoughts on “January 11 2001

  1. Craig Jensen

    Don’t feel bad, Andrea, about your low score on the Sanity Test. I think you’re at least 43.6363636363636% insane! Oh, and, of course the number is in periodic decimal fractions, I mean, we’re talking about a measure of insanity, right?

  2. Andrea Frick

    Well, I’ve done tests like this before on the web, and they all gave boring answers like 47.5 % or so, with just one decimal number behind the dot. (That was a word-for-word translation from German. My math English is very bad.)

    Anyway, I’ll take it as a compliment that you think I’m at least as insane as you are. I guess it’s time to get André tested. What do you think, is he more insane than us? “grin”

  3. Craig Jensen

    Well, it’s harder to get a good read on André. He doesn’t flip very often. But, my best guess is that since he’s with you, he’s at least 40.121212121212121% insane.

  4. Andrea Frick

    He doesn’t flip very often.

    He flipped a couple of minutes ago! Yep, for the first time this millenium. facehappy:

    I dare say he’s even more insane then I am! grins:

    I can’t seem to refrain myself from posting emoticons all over the place today, sorry…

  5. André Radke

    FYI, Craig, I was rated 30,909090909% insane. I think they need to recalibrate that test. I was counting on a three-digit figure at the least…

  6. Craig Jensen

    Don’t feel bad André, I know you can do better if you just try hard enough. You da man.

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