Daily Archives: January 23, 2001

January 23 2001

The Weblog Awards

The nominations are out. Okay, they’ve been announced a couple of days ago, and voting is open till January 31st.

All in all, I’m rather disappointed. Apart from the nominees in the categories of origin and the best kept-secret weblog section, most nominees are weblogs that are well-known anyway.

The greatest surprise? The Curmudgeon has been nominated for ‘best-kept-secret weblog’! Yay for John!

Oh, and Disturbing Search Requests has been nominated in several categories: best topical weblog, most humorous weblog, best group or community weblog, best manila-powered weblog. Wow!

And to be fair, I discovered a few interesting sites: Weblog, Theory and Practice and Weblog Madness have been nominated in the best weblog resource category.