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January 21 2001

fargo: Yesterday

I woke up with a headache yesterday, and as it wasn’t getting better, I crawled back into bed after breakfast and watched Fargo on DVD.

Very good film! The characters sometimes make you laugh out loud because they are so normal it’s comic. However, the story itself is rather sad, especially because it is a true story. I wonder how ‘Jerry Lundegaard’ is feeling about what happened.

Now is this really a true story or not? At the beginning it says,

“This is a true story. The events in this film are based on a crime that has been committed in Minnesota in 1987.

To respect the living, the names of the survivors have been changed.

To respect the dead, the rest of the story has been told exactly as it happened.”

[My translation from German]

but there’s a disclaimer in the credits,

“The persons and events portrayed in this production are fictious. No similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.”

Can anyone help me out?

Update: Scott posted a reply in my discussion group. He has relatives who live near Brainerd and points me to brainerddispatch.com/fargo/.

So I guess it’s mostly fiction…


Craig has a wonderful sunset photo today!

As to your question about the election: I doubt anyone will ever know if Bush truly won.


Later in the afternoon [yesterday] I felt much better, so I did some experimental cooking for dinner. Inspired by Al‘s Potato Gratin recipe, I made a potato casserole. I put lots of carrots and celery in it and tossed some smoked sausages in as well. Then I mixed some eggs with sour cream, poured it over the whole thing and put some grated cheese on top. I think it turned out pretty well, and we have enough leftovers for dinner tonight.

We still have several pounds of potatoes left, so I’m thinking about trying Fresh Corn Chowder or Smoked Salmon Potato Patties next. Lots of great recipes to be found at VanEats!