Daily Archives: January 16, 2001

January 16 2001

More referrers

Re-found Datanet – Integrated Online Solutions. Features a photo every day and has a link to my weblog in the side bar. (Thanks!) I’ve been there before a couple of days ago, I think, because I recognize the photos of the blue dome.

koalaAhem… how cute!

Look at this koala… One day I’m going to travel to Australia and go visit the koalas. Like they did.

The photo is just a small clipping from the original photo that can be found here. (I don’t know how long the link will be accurate, but you can find a larger (both pixel- and bytewise) version of the photo here (289kB).

Link via Garret.

Hong Kong

Inspired by the posting on Birthdays!, I’m looking at the photos and reading the stories of Randall van der Woning, the “adventures of a big white guy living in hong kong”.

Look at the smallest flat on earth! Before André and I moved into this flat (apartment for you Americans), I had one that was even smaller, about 20 sqare metres or 180 sqare ft. But I had it all to myself. Our present flat has around 70 square metres, and especially the living room/dining room/my office is quite spacious.

Martin Luther King‘s birthday

Al on View From The Heart yesterday: “How Do You Tell The Story?”


Gerade habe ich noch ein interessantes neues deutschsprachiges Weblog entdeckt: das book:log (via Zirbel).

Es macht mich aus mehreren Gründen neugierig: Zum einen wohnt Gerd Gessinger offenbar auch in Bonn, und zum anderen hält er auf einer Liste fest, welche Bücher er liest. (Vom vorigen Jahr gibt’s auch eine.) Die Idee könnte ich eigentlich mal klauen

Books I’ve read…

Snow in Santa Fe

Garret reports that it began to snow around midnight in Santa Fe. I wonder if he will be able to update his blog today. They must get a lot of snow.

Here in Bonn, we are enjoying the fifth day in a row of beautiful sunshine, clear skies, and below-freezing temperatures. Maybe I’ll post a photo later…


Overnight, I got even more referrers from Jake thanks to his being mentioned in Cache at the End of His Rainbow in Wired. Almost a hundred people clicked on my name in his sidebar. He must have literally thousands of visitors these days!