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January 6 2001

Weblog Awards

A couple of days ago, Garret posted a link to the First Annual Weblog Awards, or the 2001 bloggies for short. This is the latest feature on Nikolai Nolan’s Fairvue central.

While I like the idea in general, I’m not sure whether a contest like this really makes sense. I mean, it’s pretty obvious that the so-called a-list bloggers will win most of the awards since they have the most readers, maybe except for the ‘geographical awards’ which are for non-US blogs.

The category I like best is the ‘best-kept-secret weblog’. Kept-secret blogs are all blogs that are not on the Weblogs.com Hotlist at the time of submitting. (Therefore, my weblog is not considered secret.)

I hope many voters think the famous blogs will get enough votes anyway, and vote for less-known blogs instead.

However, I have to admit that I’m curious about the results nonetheless.

Ein denkwürdiger Tag

Der Schockwellenreiter ist auf den Internet Explorer umgestiegen. (Ob jemand seine Beschwerden über lineheights etc. vermissen wird? )

In einem allerdings stimme ich mit Jörg überein: Ich warte auch sehnlichst auf die Mac-Version von Opera. Ich habe den Browser bis vor einem Jahr auf meinem alten PC (486er) benutzt – einfach klasse!


Scott is playing around with macros in Manila and has gone one step further than just linking to others:

Look at this page. And look at this one.

I wonder why both got his background. Maybe that’s because his background is a graphic, while mine is just a color, and graphics “overrule” colors?!


Garret had a beautiful one yesterday.