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January 8 2001

And another article about weblogs

U.S. News: Blogging burgeons as a form of Web expression, by Holly J. Morris.

“Say this three times fast: A ‘blog’ is a blob of blurbs. It’s short for ‘weblog,’ and like many newly coined technology terms, blog serves as both verb and noun. Though some bloggers will disagree, a blog is a frequently updated Web page consisting of brief, dated entries, with new ones pushing the old to the bottom of the page. Most catalog the author’s chronological musings and are often a mix of personal journal entries and links to whatever caught the blogger’s fancy.”

Link via the Curmudgeon.


Have you read “Bridget Jones’s Diary”? I have, and I think it was really fun, so I’m looking forward to the movie, which starrs Renée Zellweger (Bridget) and Hugh Grant (Daniel Cleaver).

Here’s an inofficial website, Singletons of the World Unite… everything you wanted to know about the making of Bridget Jones’s Diary the movie, with a weblog-style news page.

The film is going to be released in April, and I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer before it’s coming to Germany.


I just found a link to the Lego Brick-o-lizer in a magazine. Sounds like a cool idea: The demo version (online) allows you to load a picture into the Brick-o-lizer, and it converts it to a Lego mosaic. You can then print out the instructions to build the mosaic. The full version also allows you to order exactly those Lego bricks you will need to actually build your mosaic.

The whole thing has two disadvantages. First: You have to accept Cookies in order for the site to work. And second: “The LEGO Brick-o-Lizer is not available for use on Macintosh browsers at this time.” I wonder what kind of fancy technology they use that doesn’t work on a Mac. So I can’t play with it. sadface:

But maybe you want to try it out?

Yet another article about weblogs

New York Times: Invasion of the ‘Blog’: A Parallel Web of Personal Journals, by David F. Gallagher.

“The concept is simple enough. Create a Web page. Update it regularly with brief personal reflections or witty commentary, sprinkled with links to other pages. Put new entries at the top of the page, pushing older ones down. Voilà, you’ve got yourself a Web log.

That may not sound like the recipe for a social movement. But in the past two years, thousands of people have started their own Web logs, crating a vast sprawl of sites that, to the uninitiated, might feel like a parallel Web universe.”

Link via Schockwellenreiter, who found it on Arturs Weblog (German).

FAQs ohne Ende

Auf der Suche nach FAQs zu einem bestimmten Thema? Vielleicht kann www.faq-index.de weiterhelfen. Die FAQs sind in Kategorien sortiert. Hier findet man auch z.B. auch FAQs zu Tinnitus, Hörspielen oder Schülerverbindungen.

Link via mein Papi (per Telefon! ).

Und falls die gesuchten FAQs dort nicht zu haben sind, lohnt ein Blick auf www.faq-now.de.

Link via FAQ-Index.