Daily Archives: January 25, 2001

January 25 2001

One year

On January 25, 2000, I started this weblog. Since then, I’ve met many people on the web, most of whom I would never have got to know otherwise. Although I have never met any of them face-to-face (except for Craig, David, Bob and Dave), I feel like I know them just as well as other acquaintances.

However, I know them in a different way. I don’t know the sound of their voices (except for Al‘s voice), I don’t know their habits or whether they drink their coffee with milk and sugar, but I know what they’re interested in, their opinions about their jobs, politics, hobbies, the internet and many other things, and that’s more than I know of some of the people I meet at the university every week. We’ve shared birthdays, anniversaries, happiness about a new baby born and even an ordinary day in our lives.

Special thanks to Garret for letting me help with the BTC project. It’s been a unique experience to work together with someone who lives thousands of miles away, and great fun, too!

John once said, “It’s challenging getting to know people over the web. Do websites mask a person’s true personality or bring it out more than if you met the person in the flesh?”

I like to think that both is true. Of course it’s easier to hide some aspects of one’s true personality on the web that in ‘real’ live, but I also have the impression that it can be much easier to be your true self on the web. I’ve experienced this myself several times, though not always with as many life-changing consequences as through email correspondence with a certain person.

I’ve learnt a lot about and from people of different ages, professions, countries, and social backgrounds. The world has become smaller through the internet because geographic distances are not important any more, and my world has become bigger because I was able to get to know people from around the world.

It’s been a pleasure to be part of a community of so many kind and friendly people. Thank you.