August 4 2000


The Schockwellenreiter has posted a great sunset photo which shows the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin – under construction, obviously.

I have to admit it’s more colorful than mine from yesterday. I tried to catch today’s sunset a little earlier, but it was too cloudy. Anyway, I think I have another impressive sunset. How about this one, Jörg? clown:

sunset thumb:
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Schimmel Piano: Pianos

Garret had this link for me: A touch of genius.

I used to play the piano, though I’m not very good at it. Started too late, but like it anyway!

I don’t own a piano; the one my sister and I used to play on belongs to my parents and still is in their house although they don’t play. Whenever I’m there to visit, I dust it off and play for a while.

And yes, it is a black piano, very shiny and polished. It looks like this one.

4 thoughts on “August 4 2000

  1. Andrea Frick

    Naja, zugegebenermaßen entspricht das Bild nicht ganz den Wettbewerbsbedingungen, denn es ist nicht hier, sondern in den USA entstanden, wie Du vielleicht schon gesehen hast. Letztes Jahr in der “Painted Desert”. Von der haben wir nicht viel gesehen, weil es schon dunkel wurde, aber ein “Painted Sky” ist ja auch nicht schlecht…


  2. Jeff Cheney

    I too took piano lessons on and off. I can play, but I’m not very good. My parents had a tall upright piano. It’s in my brother house now. Why I don’t know—the only song he ever mastered was Bill Grogan’s Goat, which is on something like page 8 of the primer…

    I also have dabbled in acoustic guitar, and tenor and baritone saxophone. I still own a tenor sax, but it’s been a couple of years since I played.

  3. Andrea Frick

    Wow, you play a lot of instruments, then!

    Besides the piano, I learned to play the recorder (is that the English word for Blockflöte?) and taught myself to play the guitar. But I’m not very good on the guitar.

    I also started to teach myself the piano for about a year, so when I started getting lessons, I didn’t have to do all these stupid beginner songs and scales and such. Very nice! My poor little sister had to, but I was allowed to start with “real” songs right away.

    So I guess I don’t know Bill Grogan’s Goat


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