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August 16 2000

Anlässe zur Skepsis

Vom Sceptical Inquirer bis zum paranormalen Fahrrad – der Schockwellenreiter hat es auf die Leichtgläubigen abgesehen und bringt jede Menge Links. Sehr lesenswert! (Auch wenn es Jörgs längstes Posting bisher ist… )

Mein paranormales Fahrrad von Gero v. Randow (Herausgeber) habe ich auch gelesen. Noch eine wärmste Buchempfehlung von mir!

Web pals

star: Happy Birthday to Hal! star:

Hal considers Feynman to be “a minor deity in my personal panthaeon“.

By the way, I like the way he uses the weblog icons all over his site. Looks nice and is helpful because you see about which weblogs he’s talking today.

Susan says she read and enjoyed Genius by James Gleick, a biography of Feynman. André owns the book, too, and we both liked it a lot!

Susan: “The description of Los Alamos is one of the things that’s stayed with me, and has fed the interest that eventually led to a plan to have a Glowing Man trip later this year.”

Finally the search engine for BookNotes works!

Yum! Pan-cooked peaches over at Al’s. (It seems he is a fan of Feynman, too.)

Hurray, Oliver is still alive! And he went to the Expo, too.


Craig asks: “I’m addicted to paper and books, are you?”

Yes, I am! Of all the media people have at home, I can do without TV/VCR (André and I don’t own one), I could do without Radio (if I had to; but I just love SWR 3), maybe I could even live without a computer and internet connection (although it would be very difficult), but I could not live without my books and a good library nearby!

(Craig pointed to Books, paper and the e-world.)

Richard Feynman: Quote of the day

“Science is like sex – sometimes something useful comes out of it, but that’s not what we are doing it for.” – Richard Feyman (May 11, 1918 – February 15, 1988)

Richard Feynman was one of the most fascinating physicists (and personality!) of the 20th century, and I found quite a bit of information on him on the web.

Update: Thanks, Garret, for posting the following link to another Feynman page: http://www.crunchygods.com/weirdo/feynman/

Which, in turn, pointed me to Feynman Online, which pointed to the Tuva Trader, etc., etc. …

I can warmly recommend Surely you’re joking, Mr. Feynman! and What do you care what other people think?, two books in which he tells some of his adventures. (Die deutschen Ausgaben sind erschienen als Sie belieben wohl zu scherzen, Mr. Feynman! und Kümmert Sie, was andere Leute denken?.)

By the way, the Nobel e-Museum is a pretty interesting site as well!