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August 9 2000


It seems Garret is getting serious about learnin German. He has a link to some dictionaries. I had a look at BritSpeak, a British-American English dictionary which also includes a section on Problem Words.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

A Solar Filament Lifts Off. Very impressive.

Link via Bastian.

From the daily sex dept.

NetDyslexia yesterday:

“Visitors crowded into the greenhouse of the University of Leiden for a peek at the rare blossom, which gives off a pungent stench of rotting fish and putrid meat.” Does anyone remember, that Andrea reported about the Titanwurz recently? She did not tell us that this plant is also called penis plant. There is a Salon article entitled “Penis flower fans storm Netherlands” about this rare phenomenon – surprisingly filed under “Sex”.

Hey, I didn’t know about that. Somehow, the Botanischer Garten der Uni Bonn didn’t tell on their website…

Da fällt mir auf, hier ist auch noch ein schönes Bild von der Blüte…

Setting up the search engine for a Manila Site