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August 17 2000

Manila User’s Guide

An Acrobat version of the Manila User’s Guide is now available online.


Hey, Susan finished the cover image for Real World Bryce 4. It’s beautiful and looks almost real! (Compare it to the photos André and I took while at Bryce.)

Do I see Thor’s Hammer on Susan’s picture?

Look out!

The Exploding Dictionary

“The basic idea was to take a set of publicly available dictionaries, index them into a SQL database, and then cross-reference them to near death. :) As a researcher, this should be a very useful resource. Hypertext is the researcher’s dream come true, allowing for instant jumps to related or unknown material.”

Try it!

Von Büchern bis zum Internet – Books and the Internet

Die Zeit Nr. 34 vom 17. 8. 2000: Vom Blei zur digitalen Tinte – Sechshundert Jahre nach Gutenberg kann jeder drucken, was er will. Von Jörg Albrecht.

The article mentioned above is available in German only, sorry. However, the Project Gutenberg is available in both English and German:
Homepage des Projekt Gutenberg Digital (German).

Gutenberg digitalEnglish and German versions.

And here is the Gutenberg Homepage, also available in German, of course.

Noch mehr Gutenberg-Links hat der Schockwellenreiter!




Because it’s been so hot lately, today I’m taking a trip to Antarctica…

  • The Seventh Continent, Ethan’s Antarctic Home Page. He’s working in Antarctica and has a journal, a photo gallery and other interesting stuff. (The picture was taken from that site.)
  • Alexandria Digital Library: Antarctica. Lots of links to sites with data, photos, animals, etc.
  • Wired Antarctica. The site is intended for children, but has lots of info, a FAQ and photos.
  • British Antarctic Survey: “British Antarctic Survey (BAS) undertakes a world-class programme of science in the Antarctic and related regions, addressing key global and regional issues through research, survey and monitoring.”
  • The Center for Astrophysical Research in Antarctica (CARA) Virtual Tour: Antarctica
  • Lonely Planet: Destination: Antarctica. “Antarctica is the last vast wilderness on the planet. Its gigantic icebergs, mountain ranges and the emptiness of the polar plateau boggle the mind, while its temperatures, winds and weather send shivers down the spine. It’s a place of extremes – beautiful and serene, savage and violent…”
  • To the end of the earth – Judd and Mary’s journey to Antarctica, with a great Photo Journal.

Some photos from To the end of the earth (a click leads you to a page with thumbnails of more photos):