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August 30 2000

What is important?

Martin – beste Wünsche für Sandra und Raphael! Alles Gute!


Expo pictures yesterday – and more today

I only discovered today that my JPEGs from yesterday were pretty large files because I used a too weak compression. I posted smaller picture files today, so my site should be faster than yesterday. Sorry for that.

By the way, thanks for linking to my photos, Sheila, Garret and Craig (Hey look! He’s got a new picture of himself on his home page! ).

I’ve also got some (really few this time) photos from my parents and my visit at the Rainforest House in Hanover. (I mentioned this on August 11.) It’s an Expo Project in Hanover’s botanical garden.

Für Leser, die auch deutsch können: Das Regenwaldhaus hat natürlich auch eine Website.