August 30 2000

What is important?

Martin – beste Wünsche für Sandra und Raphael! Alles Gute!


Expo pictures yesterday – and more today

I only discovered today that my JPEGs from yesterday were pretty large files because I used a too weak compression. I posted smaller picture files today, so my site should be faster than yesterday. Sorry for that.

By the way, thanks for linking to my photos, Sheila, Garret and Craig (Hey look! He’s got a new picture of himself on his home page! ).

I’ve also got some (really few this time) photos from my parents and my visit at the Rainforest House in Hanover. (I mentioned this on August 11.) It’s an Expo Project in Hanover’s botanical garden.

Für Leser, die auch deutsch können: Das Regenwaldhaus hat natürlich auch eine Website.

6 thoughts on “August 30 2000

  1. garret p vreeland

    hey, andrea …

    radio.userland started working after the last round of updates. i still have to ‘refresh’ the browser page manually, but the updates are there, finally!

    maybe we can join in the fun now!

  2. Andrea Frick

    Thanks, Garret.

    Seems like I have to try it again, then. But not today. It’s already past midnight, and I have been in bed for a couple of hours because I’ve got a cold or some virus or whatever. I woke up at midnight and couldn’t sleep any more. I guess that comes from lying in bed too long… grins:

    So I hope I’ll be better tomorrow.

    i still have to ‘refresh’ the browser page manually

    Oh, great that you mention that. I can picture myself sitting in front of RU and my browser frustratedly and thinking it doesn’t work – while all I have to do is hit the Reload button…

    So I’ll try tomorrow. Let’s see if it works!


  3. garret p vreeland

    hope you feel better. ‘my’ sandra’s in bed with a stomach bug … i have to go out and get her some soup, and something that’s gentle on the tummy.

    in other words, i’m pretending i’m alwin tonight.

  4. Andrea Frick

    Send Sandra my get-well-soon wishes!

    in other words, i’m pretending i’m alwin tonight.

    This weblog community does have funny effects… smile:

    Okay, I’m off to bed again. Really. Now. (Oops, 2 am already…)

    Good night!

  5. Alwin Hawkins

    Yeesh, does that mean I have to design killer web pages, pretending to be Garret?

  6. Andrea Frick

    You’ve got to ask him!

    But maybe designing web pages would be easier for you to do than your real job at the moment, with your poor finger?!

    Hey, does anybody want to pretend to be me and write my thesis for me? grins:


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