August 3 2000


We had a beautiful sunset today. Unfortunately, I only got the last bit of it with my camera… but the colours were nice enough and were not retouched with PhotoShop.

Sonnenuntergang (blass) thumb:

Sonnenuntergang (nah) thumb:

Sonnenuntergang (aquarell) thumb:

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The Answer


“Q: What was the connection between Jethro Tull and John Muir?

A: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull used to be the owner (Laird) of the Strathaird Estate and he sold the estate to the John Muir Trust in 1994.”

Hmm… I tried a search at Google, but it revealed no connections between Jethro Tull and John Muir. I guess this is not easy to find out unless you live near Strathaird Estate…

Die Rechtschreibreform

Nachdem die FAZ seit dem ersten August wieder in der alten Rechtschreibung erscheint, hat die Zeit heute einen weiteren Re-Reformvorschlag gemacht. clown:

Die Zeit hat übrigens auch ihre ganze eigene Rechtschreibung, Zeitschreibung genannt, gebastelt… die immerhin im Rahmen des “Erlaubten” der neuen Regeln bleibt.

Hier kann man übrigens die Sütterlin-Schrift lernen. Und hier gibt’s einen Sütterlin-Font für TeX.

2 thoughts on “August 3 2000

  1. Duncan Smeed

    Sometimes the web doesn’t have the answer ;-) I would have been surprised if Google had come up with the connection but here’s a Google search with the benefit of hindsight ;-)



  2. Andrea Frick

    I thought that if the connection was to be found somewhere on the web, it had to be a web page that mentions both Jethro Tull and John Muir. Apparently, that was not enough information because I found many pages and couldn’t search through them all. Some of them had John and Muir on them in different contexts, too.

    With hindsight, it’s a different thing of course!



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