July 30 2000

GPS Receiver

David Singer bought a GPS receiver a few days ago and seems to have a lot of fun with it. He took it on a flight and was able to identify the cities and rivers he saw outside. That’s cool! When we went to the USA last year, I kept trying to figure out where we were and what lakes and rivers were visible, but of course I wasn’t able to find out.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Sheila has details about today’s/tomorrow’s partial solar eclipse and links to this page. In Europe, the eclipse is visible only in Scandinavia. I think we’re lucky that we can’t see it from Germany – the weather is so bad we wouldn’t have a chance to see anything anyway, so this spares us the disappointment of a cloud-covered eclipse. clown:

Bach verpaßt

Das kommt davon, wenn man keine Zeit hat, die üblichen Weblogs zu lesen. Da habe ich doch glatt übersehen, daß mir Jörg vorgestern mal wieder einen Link serviert hat… sorry. Hier kommt er:

The Schockwellenreiter had a link to a webpage about Johann Sebastian Bach.