Daily Archives: July 25, 2000

July 25 2000

Sad news

In Paris, a Concorde crashed onto a hotel a few minutes after take-off. 113 people died. CNN has details. Die Tagesschau und n-tv berichten auch.

Sand Sculptures

Duncan has photos of some sand sculptures from Glasgow’s George Square. Impressive!


Um… anniversary does not seem the right word, since it comes from “annum”, which is latin and means year. At least that’s what I believe. (Yes, I did take Latin at school – for six years!) So maybe I should call it “mensiversary” instead.

Six months ago today, I started this weblog!

And it’s been a lot of fun since then. When I started, I wouldn’t have believed that I would keep updating so often. Well, there have been days when I was not in the mood to post anything, or too busy (the latter happened very seldom ;-), but it was fun most of the time.

I think a weblog is a good way to keep all kinds of things: interesting links and thoughts, nice pictures or quotes, discussions with other people about all kinds of things, and even a journal. The big advantage of a weblog, compared to a scrapbook made out of paper, is that it is searchable. How else would I be able to find anything ever again?

Thanks to UserLand for hosting my Manila site.

And to all my “webpals”: Nice to have met you! It’s been great fun!

Wow! I did not think that this was such a special event. Thanks for your congratulations, Garret, Sheila, Susan, Hal, Jörg (whose Schockwellereiter is three months old today!), Craig, Martin, Al, John and Jeff.

Susan likes the word ‘web pal’. I like it too. Craig invented it. Or at least he was the first I have heard/read use it. A Google search yields many pages, and even an organization named Web Pal that matches email pen pals from around the world.

Garret: “andrea’s celebrating six months. i wonder if, when she gets famous, she’ll stop weblogging … i hope not.”

The question is not when I get famous, but if I ever get famous. And I’m not even sure I want to be. Maybe I should think about a new tag line?!

Thanks for the nice compliment, Craig. Makes me blush!

Al, you might be interested to hear that I’m about to release my first CD album. My first book will be available in time for christmas. In case you want a signed copy, send me email! clown: