Daily Archives: July 14, 2000

July 14 2000

Happy Anniversary to Sandra and Garret!

Community and Popularity

There’s an interesting discussion thread over at blivet. (Yes, I know it’s really called “compatibility and popularity”, but there are interesting thoughts about our weblog community, too.)

Hal says:

“I read your and others weblogs because I feel a connection, a kindred spark if you will. I think its the difference between moving into a neighborhood or small town as a committed resident and settling in for the long haul and moving into a dormitory for a semester. […] I feel the same way about the friends I’ve made through blivet. I’ll follow through hosting changes and search engines if necessary to keep a bit of a connection to people. I didn’t get that two way connection from the web in the first seven years I had web pages. This is really the first time I’ve felt like someone might read what I’ve put up…”

Harry Potter Face: Speaking of Harry Potter…

… there’s a whole weblog dedicated to him. via BookNotes.

David Singer says he enjoyed reading the fourth book of the Harry Potter series. Check out his comments on his weblog!


It seems Brent‘s new iBook and Airport station have strange effects on some people…

John: “Too busy today to post much. I’m hiding in the bushes outside Brent’s place with a sniffer monitoring his wireless websurfing activity.”

Brent: “I caught John VanDyk, dressed as a huge squirrel, trying to hide under the ivy out front. For John things have gone horribly wrong — I’ve got him locked up in a closet, I’m trying to make him talk. All he’ll give me is his name, rank, and Frontier serial number. So far.”

John: “Aargh, maybe if I make him think I’m nuts he’ll let me go. Get it? Squirrel? Nuts? Either that or I’ll gnaw on his iBook…”

Harry Potter

Diese Woche sind gleich zwei Artikel zum neu erschienen vierten Band von Harry Potter zu lesen:

Und die deutsche Ausgabe erscheint erst Mitte Oktober…