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July 21 2000

Smart car?!

Slow day. I didn’t do much, except for going jogging this afternoon with a friend. But… I saw this car in our street. I thought it might be interesting at least to my dear readers from outside Europe. It’s a Smart!

Smart Seite: Smart schraeg:

Smart innen: Looks pretty cool, huh? But does it look like a real car?

The Smart is fairly new (available since October 2, 1998). The car is designed especially for people who drive in cities a lot. It’s small (two seats in the front only) so it needs very little parking space. I’ve seen Smarts using half a parking space perpendicular to the inteded parking direction. They also use little fuel and are not too expensive. I think a new Smart is about DM 18,000 or around US$ 9,000.

Most Smarts are also very colourful. They come in bright colous like pink, yellow or blue, and each smart has two colours on the outside. (This one is fairly plain, just light and dark grey, but then – it’s a convertible, a Smart Cabrio.) For the interior, you can choose red or orange with blue and other combinations. This one is red inside!

They met on the ‘net

Yes, I have read this story, too. And I liked it! (Link via Al.)

Harry Potter

Heute bin ich zufällig auf eine Leseprobe aus dem dritten Band von Harry Potter gestoßen. Wird Zeit, daß ich ihn mir kaufe!

Für Leute, die Harry Potter noch gar nicht kennen: Es gibt auch je eine Leseprobe aus dem ersten und zweiten Band. Ich finde allerdings, daß die deutsche Übersetzung nicht so gut ist wie das Original auf Englisch (auch wenn ich “nur” die US-Ausgabe kenne).


Yeah, I know this song is old. I like it anyway, and if I don’t post the URL here, I won’t find it again.

Baz Luhrmann: Everybody’s Free.