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July 31 2000

USA Trips

Wow! This couple went to the USA for their honeymoon – and they visited (almost) every National Park in the USA and Canada! Honeymoon trip through USA and Kanada July 1989 until October 1990.

Hochzeitsreise USA und Kanada Juli 1989 bis Oktober 1990 – dieses Ehepaar besuchte in den “Flittermonaten” fast alle Nationalparks der USA und Kanadas!

Viele andere nette USA-Reiseberichte gibt es auch hier: Reiseträume.


I think I know a Night Person, too!

Link via Zannah


Summer’s here! On the last day of July, finally the weatherforecast was right. We have sunny weather, almost no clouds, and 25°C (about 78 F). It’s wonderful outside! Now let’s hope it stays this way for a while…

I’m out on my bike! Sonne:

Jörg, nicht nur in Spanien scheint die Sonne – auch hier in Bonn!

Have a nice vacation, Sheila – and Brent, I suppose. Hope you enjoy your week off!


Do you read Jeff’s Weblog? Are you a member of his site?

I am, and he really got me with his headline. It says: “Andrea Frick’s Weblog”, at least for me.

I wonder how long it has been this way without me noticing it…