Daily Archives: July 13, 2000

July 13 2000

Desert Demonstration Gardens

Hal had this link to The Desert Demonstration Gardens, part of the Las Vegas Valley Water District.

“Sheila, this link is for you until the digital camara comes back from the shop.”

I hope you don’t mind that I had a look at the site, too.

I especially like the virtual tour with lots of nice QTVRs and landscape pictures, like this one:

Desert Demonstration Gardens: taken from http:\//www.lvvwd.com/conservation/ddg/virtual_tour_map.html
Desert Demonstration Gardens

Weather in Bonn

Craig, I tried to send you some clouds and rain, and yesterday it looked like it actually worked. It cleared up, didn’t rain at all, and sometimes the sun even peeked through the clouds. But today, we’re back to the usual rain… sorry it didn’t work. I’ll try again!

Gothic cathedrals

Craig found this site with Virtual Tours of Great Gothic Cathedrals.

Of all the cathedrals on the page, I’ve visited Dom St. Peter in Cologne, Germany, Westminster Abbey in London, England, and Notre Dame in Paris, France.

Musing about Manila


“this manila/editthispage site serves as a memory storehouse for me; i can’t possibly keep track of all the neat things i find, nor can i keep all the issues i love top of mind. a little search, and *pow* … of course, if you all find value in some of the things i post, that’s good too … (grin) …

i start the day thinking ‘aw, there’s not much to link to. it’s gonna be a dry day’ … and i end up with days like today. too much stuff. but then, it’s a perfect echo of the author … i have too many damned interests and have to parcel out my time …”

I agree very much. I feel like that quite often, for example right now. But today, I’m sure there won’t be many postings because it’s already 10 pm, and I’m tired.

The reason I flipped the page so late today is I wrote a test at the university today. Not too difficult, and just for fun – I mean, as practice for THE FINAL EXAMS which come up next year.

Nice sunflowers in your calendar, Garret, by the way.

Schule am Burggraben

Hauptsächlich für Schulfreunde von mir interessant: An dieser Schule ist Maris gerade! Ich glaube, “ihre” Klasse ist die 2a. Nette Website, finde ich.