July 23 2000


The Schockwellenreiter has some links to stories about the computer mouse. His site is in German, but he included a link to the English version: Fire-Control and Human-Computer Interaction: Towards a History of the Computer Mouse (1940-1965). He said he included the link especially for me so I could link to it: “Dieser Hinweis auf die englische Fassung steht hier nur, damit Andrea wieder auf mich verlinken kann.

Okay, Jörg, was bleibt mir anderes übrig?! clown: Du solltest vielleicht mal Deine Site beim LinkBack Programm submitten – das haben sich bisher offensichtlich nur Leute mit englischsprachigem Weblog getraut.

Da ich ja auch Leser habe, die es vielleicht vorziehen, den Artikel auf Deutsch zu lesen: Hier ist er, erschienen bei Telepolis: Die Geschichte der Computermaus.


Hal talks about books, and how most of ‘us ETPers’ talk about them, or at least about bookshelves. He says he prefers bookshelves worked into the structure of a house so he doesn’t have to ‘waste’ extra space for them. But he “just do[es]n’t want to hear about ‘perhaps you could sell some’. Heretic!“.

I agree!

Quote of the Day

By all means marry.

If you get a good wife, you’ll be happy.

If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.


Found on today’s A Word A Day

Craig links to the color quiz. He said he found the results disturbingly accurate. I think some of my results were accurate, while I’m not sure about others. Maybe I don’t know myself?!

New Jovian mood identified

New outer satellite of Jupiter discovered.

Link via Hal.

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  1. Jörg Kantel

    Du solltest vielleicht mal Deine Site beim LinkBack Programm submitten

    Habe mich soeben angemeldet.

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