July 18 2000


Ever heard about this instrument?

“The Trautonium is an electronic musical instrument invented by Friedrich Trautwein in the thirties in Berlin, Germany, with enhancements made by Oskar Sala in the fifties which led to the well known Mixtur-Trautonium. The Trautonium can be divided into two logical sub-units: the control unit and the sound generation unit.”

The Schockwellenreiter has a link to the Trautonium Project. (Die deutsche Version ist hier.)

Just in case you were wondering – no, it’s not my new strategy to translate Jörg‘s whole weblog into English… clown: It’s not my fault he has more than one interesting link today!

MuPAD Cube: Calculate different

The Schockwellenreiter reports about a Computer Algebra System called MuPAD. He says it’s as good as Mathematica or Maple, but it’s free for private or educational users. There are MuPAD versions for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac and some other systems.

Der Schockwellenreiter hat auch eine nette kleine Geschichte geschrieben und mit MuPAD illustriert: Die Reise nach Fraktalien.

Danke für den Tip, Jörg. Ich werde es mal anschauen.