July 11 2000

Ich will Sommer!

Look at this! It’s the weatherforecast for Bonn. I don’t believe this is July. Craig, you were lucky to come to Germany in June, when the weather was better. Right now, it feels like it’s March or November. There even was snow in the Southwestern part of Germany and Switzerland. Of course, nobody was prepared for that.

Update: Craig says they are suffering from drought and suggests:

“So, Andrea, yes we would be happy to take a little of that cold and wet off of your hands! Can you take care of the arrangement?”

I’m not sure how to do this, but I’ll see if I can find a manual on the net… clown: Hehe…

Briefmarken aus dem Internet?!

Die Deutsche Post: “Ab nächstem Jahr bietet die Post Internet-Briefmarken an. Statt zum Postschalter zu laufen und Briefmarken zu kaufen, soll man dann Barcodes aus dem Internet runterladen können.” – Vorerst nur für Großkunden… (Gefunden bei und zitiert aus SWR 3-Multimedia.)

Cow Parade

Picowsso: <a href="http://www.cowparade.net/pages/thecows_westorange.cfm"> Picowsso</a>“><br /><font size=PicowssoJeff says these are indeed the cows he saw in San Francisco.

Pictures taken from Cow Parade.

Cow Power: <a href="http://www.cowparade.net/pages/thecows_westorange.cfm">Cow Power</a> “><br /><font size=Cow Power