July 6 2000

Rainy season

Garret, I’d gladly send you over some of the rain we get here in Bonn at the moment, and take a few degrees from your heat in exchange.

It’s July – where’s the “Bonn is the northernmost city of Italy” heat? clown:

Joe Ely: Music

Craig went to Willie Nelson’s Fourth of July Family Picnic. Among many others (the concert was 12 hours long!), they saw Joe Ely, who seems to be one of Craig’s favorites. When André and I met Craig in Koblenz, he brought us a CD of one of Ely’s concerts: “Live @ Antones”. It’s great!


The giant titan is 255 cm tall today (noon)! But it has grown only 4 cm in the last 24 hours, which is an indicator for a soon opening of the flowers, expected to happen on Friday or Saturday.

By the way, yesterday I wrote the plant was called “gigant titan” instead of “giant titan”, due to a typo on the Botanical Garden’s site. I was wondering whether it might be “giant” without the additional “g”…


Harry Potter

Hilfe, der vierte Band von Harry Potter erscheint übermorgen in Großbritannien. Dazu die Zeit: “Potter- Aktien fallen!

Und ich habe noch nicht mal den dritten Band gelesen…