July 1 2000

Sightseeing in Bonn

Yesterday, I went for a walk in the former Regierungsviertel, the part of Bonn where the government used to be. I took some photos of the new building for the parliament (which was finished in 1992, three years after the wall came down and it was decided that Berlin was going to be the German capital once again…) and the Langer Eugen, the only skyscraper Bonn has. It used to be an office building for the members of parliament.

Gestern bei einem Spaziergang im (ehemaligen) Regierungsviertel von Bonn habe ich einige Fotos gemacht:

Bundestag 1: This is the front side of the Bundestag.

Die Vorderseite des Bundestages.

Bundestag 2: The main entrance is on the left of this picture.

Der Haupteingang dieses Gebäudeteils ist links am Bildrand.

Bundestag 3: This is the side of the building that faces the river Rhine.

Der Bundestag vom Rhein aus gesehen.

Bundestag 4: The Bundestag with the office skyscraper.

Der Bundestag und das Abgeordnetenhochhaus (“Langer Eugen”), mit abstrakter Kunst in rot.

Bundestag 5: The Langer Eugen from a distance.

Und nochmal der Lange Eugen aus einiger Entfernung.

Botanical Gardens

A few links to botanical gardens I’ve visited for Sheila‘s collection:

I visited Strybing Arboretum last year while in San Francisco. I liked it a lot, especially the garden of fragrance.

School and University in the US and Germany

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