Drama and more drama

The Economist: A helluva handover: What Donald Trump’s appointments reveal about his incoming administration. “The drama of the transition is over. Now for the drama of government.” See the large version of the Trump Cabinet here.

“Mr Trump’s post-election behaviour has been every bit as belligerent as it was during the campaign. In his victory speech he said it was time to “bind the wounds of division“ ; he has ever since been insulting and threatening people on Twitter, at a rate of roughly one attack every two days. His targets have included Meryl Streep, Boeing, a union boss in Indiana, “so-called A-list celebrities“ who refused to perform at his inauguration, Toyota and the “distorted and inaccurate“ media, whose job it will be to hold his administration to account.
Mr Trump has named most of his senior team, including cabinet secretaries and top White House aides, and their Senate confirmation hearings are well under way.”

The Washington Post: Which Trump Cabinet nominees are still awaiting confirmation. “How the confirmation process works, How long confirmations might take”.

“Who Trump chooses to surround himself with greatly affects what his administration will accomplish. These top aides are just a slice of the 4,100 positions Trump’s transition team may need to find appointees for — people who will oversee day-to-day operations at the agencies that make up the executive branch of government.
The following list includes descriptions of each of Trump’s Cabinet picks and their nomination timelines.”