Daily Archives: January 6, 2017

US Election hacked?

Deutsche Welle: US intelligence report: Putin ‘ordered’ targeted involvement in US election. “A new US intel report has found that Putin “ordered” a hacking campaign aimed at harming Hillary Clinton’s electability. The report also found the Russian government showed a “clear preference” for Donald Trump.”

Deutsche Welle: Trump tells US newspaper Russia hacking investigation is a ‘political witch hunt’. “US President-elect Donald Trump told “The New York Times” the investigation into potential Russian interference with the election was unfair. After a briefing by intelligence officials, he pledged action on cyberattacks.”

New York Times: After Security Meeting, Trump Admits Possibility of Russian Hacking. “President-elect Donald J. Trump acknowledged the possibility on Friday that Russia had hacked a variety of American targets, including the Democratic National Committee, after an almost two-hour meeting with the nation’s top intelligence officials. Mr. Trump asserted that the hacking had no effect on the outcome of the election.”