3 thoughts on “Indian Curry

  1. Edwin Singer

    Hi Andrea (or should I say Gutentag?),

    I wanted to check out your curry recipe but my browser has a mind of it’s own. Anyway, I shall keep trying. Actually, I’ve got some fairly “hot” curry recipes of my own. These are so hot you have to put the toilet paper into the refrigerator the night before you eat it!

    I’m a social worker from Australia and I’ve been over to Germany a few times now, mainly to see my relatives who all live in Offenburg-Baden. It’s so nice down there in the Schwartswald. Do you go there at all?

    I hope to be teaching Drug & Alcohol Work at university in the New Year down here at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria where I live. It will be strange going back to teach at the university I gained my undergraduate degree from.

    I too am developing a website or Blogsite to be more accurate. Too bad I’m not game to let anyone know how to experience it but when I believe it’s cool enough for all you guys, I’ll let you know!

    Anyway Andrea, drop me a line if you feel that way inclined. (I should be a poet as well as the brilliant pianist that I am!!)


  2. Daniel

    Hi Andrea,

    you don’t have your own curry photo yet? I hope that doesn’t mean you tried to cook some, but both you and Andre are in a hospital now.

  3. Andrea Post author

    Daniel, we had visitors this weekend (long weekend in Germany because of October 3rd), so we didn’t get around to trying you recipe yet because we were busy going sightseeing with them (Burg Eltz, Burg Pyrmont, bike trip to the Mosel, Klettersteig Calmont, all in three days!). I’m sure we’ll get around to it next weekend, though.

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