Tuesday, May 22 2001


The Kaycee Hoax has been covered by MSNBC: A painful affair of the Internet heart. There are some of those “Kaycee” photos there. I suppose Julie, the real person in the pictures, is not happy about this, see this message. sadface:

A more elaborate article can be found at Kuro5hin: The Life and Death of a False Warrior.

By the way, here‘s a list of links to mirrors of the original journals, news articles, message boards etc.


Take a look at bewitched! It’s a gallery of really cool artwork. I especially like the starry night.

Link via Susan.


Update zu der Nachricht von gestern: Das Weblogger-Treffen ist am 1. Juni, nicht am 1. Juli!

Danke für den Hinweis, Jan-Willem.

Vor ein paar Tagen erhielt ich eine Email von Mr. Green:

“Den 1. Juni gibt es einen weblogmeeting in Den Haag [in Holland].
Es werde toll sein when du auch dabei konte sein!

I guess I’d better do this in englisch because I just noticed my german is worse than I expected. Anyway, the upcoming 1st of July there is a webloggers meeting in The Hague [Den Haag – the Netherlands]. It would be nice if you could also make it over here to give this meeting a special international character! :o)

You can find more info on: http://weblogmeeting.mrgreen.nl/

It’s in dutch, but I know german ppl don’t have many problems reading dutch ;o)

… maybe you could mobilize some german loggers?”

Ich selbst bin ziemlich sicher, daß ich Anfang Juli so im Examensstreß sein werde, daß ich keine Zeit haben werde. Vielleicht hat aber jemand anders Lust?