Daily Archives: May 4, 2001

May 4 2001

Around the world…

… by plane and bike is Wade Hatler:

“I’m in the middle of a six month trip involving 45,000km (30,000 miles) of air travel around the world, and around 5,000km (3,000 miles) of bike travel. […]

The total trip consists of two weeks in France, a week in Egypt, a week in Thailand, six weeks in Vietnam, with a 1,000 km (700 mile) bike ride, six weeks in Australia, with about another 1,500 km or so, a couple weeks in New Zealand, [and] Hawaii. […] As currently scheduled, the trip will last form Mid December, 2000 to May, 2001. There’s a pretty good chance that it’ll be longer than that, if I find a place I want to explore more.”.

His trip report is divided into narrative and photo gallery. And by the way, he rides a recumbent bike!

Link shamelessly stolen from André.