Monday, May 21 2001

Online Journalism

Doc Searls had some interesting thoughts on online journalism and weblogs yesterday. “It’s personal. That’s my whole philosophy.”

(He also writes about his very interesting and entertaining visit to one of the first Apple Stores, by the way. )

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A very Happy Birthday to you, Audrey!

Belated… Happy Birthday to you, Jan-Willem! I suppose we’ll see you in Amsterdam on Saturday!

Der Schockwellenreiter hat ein neues Zuhause unter Bookmarks ändern!


Vor ein paar Tagen erhielt ich eine Email von Mr. Green:

“Den 1. Juli gibt es einen weblogmeeting in Den Haag [in Holland].
Es werde toll sein when du auch dabei konte sein!

I guess I’d better do this in englisch because I just noticed my german is worse than I expected. Anyway, the upcoming 1st of July there is a webloggers meeting in The Hague [Den Haag – the Netherlands]. It would be nice if you could also make it over here to give this meeting a special international character! :o)

You can find more info on:

It’s in dutch, but I know german ppl don’t have many problems reading dutch ;o)

… maybe you could mobilize some german loggers?”

Ich selbst bin ziemlich sicher, daß ich Anfang Juli so im Examensstreß sein werde, daß ich keine Zeit haben werde. Vielleicht hat aber jemand anders Lust?


After Kaycee’s death, some people began doubting whether she really lived and her diary was genuine. A lenghty discussion followed after Randall van der Woning wrote The end of the whole mess and took down both Kaycee’s and Debbie’s blogs, leaving only Debbie’s confession.

Confusing. I wonder if the truth will ever be found out.

One thought on “Monday, May 21 2001

  1. Jan-Willem Swane

    Mr. Green made a mistake: the Dutch weblogmeeting is on the 1st of June. So maybe you could make it after all.

    & thx for the congratulations :-) & yes, I will be in Amsterdam next saturday.

    groeten, Jan-Willem

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