August 21 2000

Yay! This is the 1000th message! My weblog is getting old…

Murphy’s law

It seems like poor Sheila had a bad Monday…

Could have been me with the grape juice and light trousers! wink:

No green flash

… but great photos as usual over at Susan‘s!

The Tragedy of the Kursk

is today’s Top Story on Deutsche Welle.

The 118 crew members have officialy been declared dead.

More news are available on the UK Ministry of Defense home page today.

Icons trippy: grins: kugel:

I’ve created a list with little icons and their shortcuts so you can use them in your postings on my site. It has its own path:

Danke Jörg, daß ich die meisten der Icons bei Dir klauen durfte!

You know you’ve been on the internet too long if…

… you dream really weird things. Last night, I dreamed I was in “Little World”, whereever that may be. It was kind of like a tiny amusement park and had a web site at I just tried the URL, but got an error message: “The attempt to load failed.” reveals the domain belongs to someone from Japan.

Anyway, it was some fantasy land with cute little houses and stuff, and I have been there before – in other dreams. Strange how you recognize a place and feel like you’ve been there before, but you know it was only in a dream. Yet, the place feels kind of authentic because it’s been the same in all the dreams.

I wonder if my weird dreams have something to do with the headache I’ve been having for two days now. It was really bad last night, so I went to bed at nine and slept for 14 hours. It’s better now, but not gone entirely.


Britney Spears’s Guide to Semiconductor Physics. I wonder if this helps to make physic lessons more attractive.

Link via /usr/bin/girl and via Schockwellenreiter, who found it at alt0169.

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  1. Jörg Kantel

    Link via /usr/bin/girl and via Schockwellenreiter, who found it at alt0169.

    Wow, das ist doch einmal eine superkorrekte Quellenangabe.

    clown: Du hast recht, borg Dir doch noch ein paar von meinen Smileys aus – immer nur der Clown…

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