August 8 2000


Brent redesigned his weblog and got rid of the links to other sites in the navigation bar because he doesn’t use them anyway. Garret says he uses his site – and those links – as a gateway for his surfing. He wonders if anybody else uses his links.

You’ve probably noticed that I have a list of weblog links, too. I also use them like Garret does, especially if I’m not using my own computer. It’s an easy way to take your bookmarks with you.

I also try to keep the list up-to-date. I add new links as I find myself surfing back to a weblog several days in a row, and every couple of weeks I browse through all the links and decide whether there are some I don’t visit any more.

I also use other people’s weblog lists sometimes, especially when a lot of entries are highlighted as visited links, but some are not: “Hey, this person reads many of the weblogs I visit regularly, but he/she has three links to sites I don’t know. Let’s see, they could be interesting to me, too…”

Thanks, Garret, for the chapel!


Haha! Nachdem ich es auch endlich geschafft habe, den Babelfish zu bewegen, was für mich zu übersetzen, habe ich mir mal meine Seite auf Deutsch übersetzen lassen. Hier ist zum Beispiel die Seite von heute. Interessant wird es natürlich erst unter diesem Eintrag, wo es auf Englisch weitergeht… zum Beispiel: Willkommen zurück, Jeff ! Nizza zum wieder Sehen Sie. Und “poor guy” wird mit “armes Halteseil” übersetzt…

Welcome back, Jeff! Nice to see you again.


John VanDyk wonders why people use acronyms on the web although they can use all the space they want. I’ve also noticed that people use emoticons like ;-) on their web pages although they could use little pictures like clown: . It seems that they just tend to transfer their email or chat habits onto their web pages. Strange, but I have caught myself putting :-) in a written letter – sideways! I’ll really start worrying if I start to use acronyms in spoken conversations or double-clicking the button in the elevator…

Der Mensch ist ein Gewohnheitstier.

“I want to think M&Ms are better than money because you can eat them.” doublesmile:

John Marden points to this Letter of Resignation. Read it!

Weblog Manifestito

On Saturday, the Curmudgeon posted his Weblog Manifestito. Duncan added some comments about weblogs and their value to their readers.