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Atmospheric optics

I love me some sun dogs and halos.

The Washington Post: The story behind an incredible sky scene in New Hampshire. “This was the surreal scene Saturday morning at Franconia Notch in New Hampshire. Steve LeBaron of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation’s Highway Design Bureau captured a stunner of a sky atop Cannon Mountain while skiing.”

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From the Earth to Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Rocket Launch as Seen from the Space Station. (YouTube, 1:37min) “Video Credit: ISAA, NASA, Expedition 57 Crew (ISS); processing: Riccardo Rossi (ISAA, AstronautiCAST); music: Inspiring Adventure Cinematic Background by Maryna.”

“Have you ever seen a rocket launch — from space? A close inspection of the featured time-lapse video will reveal a rocket rising to Earth orbit as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). The Russian Soyuz-FG rocket was launched ten days ago from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying a Progress MS-10 (also 71P) module to bring needed supplies to the ISS. Highlights in the 90-second video (condensing about 15-minutes) include city lights and clouds visible on the Earth on the lower left, blue and gold bands of atmospheric airglow running diagonally across the center, and distant stars on the upper right that set behind the Earth. A lower stage can be seen falling back to Earth as the robotic supply ship fires its thrusters and begins to close on the ISS, a space laboratory that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month.”

“Im Sommer sind nur 54 Prozent der üblichen Niederschlagsmenge gefallen.”

Deutsche Welle: Trockenheit: Deutschland läuft auf Grund. “Es war 1975, als der Entertainer Rudi Carell das regenreiche Wetter beklagte: “Wann wird’s mal wieder richtig Sommer?” Wenn Carell noch lebte, was würde er heute singen? Deutschland vertrocknet, weil es zu wenig regnet.”

Die zehn Fotos zeigen ähnliche oder schlimmere Bilder, als wir sie hier am Rhein vor unserer Haustür gerade vorfinden. Die nächste Rheinfähre musste ca. zwei Wochen wegen Niedrigwasser pausieren, fährt inzwischen aber wieder. Eine ordentliche Portion Regen wäre aber mehr als willkommen.

Urlaub gucken

WDR: Wunderschön: Kleinwalsertal – Öko-Urlaub in Österreich. Sendung vom 16.09.2018, Dauer 01:28:31 Std., in der Mediathek verfügbar bis 15.09.2019.

“Es ist ein kleines, überschaubares Tal, in dem Nachhaltigkeit gepflegt wird; es liegt in Österreich, ist aber nur von Deutschland aus erreichbar: das Kleinwalsertal. Tamina Kallert taucht ein in die hochalpine Bergkulisse und trifft Menschen, die etwas für ihre Heimat tun – und für die Natur, in der sie leben.”

André und ich waren im Sommer 2015 für eine Woche im Kleinwalsertal und haben viele der gezeigten Hütten besucht und Berge erwandert. Wirklich wunderschön!

“This is about our survival.”

Outside: Yosemite Finally Reckons with Its Discriminatory Past. “Pioneers, the government, even John Muir helped kick out Native Americans from their homes on national parks. But in Yosemite, the Miwuk Tribe is getting its village back.”

“Though nobody will live in the wahhoga, the agreement is nonetheless a watershed moment in the park’s relationship with local Native Americans, who have long sought to reestablish their cultural and subsistence connection with the park. The wahhoga could also function as an example for other NPS units, nearly all of which were created following forcible or coerced removal of the Native population. “Our ancestors used to live there, and we always felt that what was available to our ancestors should’ve been available to us,” James says.

James, who chairs the Wahhoga Committee, sees this as one more step toward indigenous tribes reconnecting with their ancestral homeland. Next on the docket, he plans to start programs that teach Native youth about traditional plant and animal harvesting. As James says, “This is about our survival.””

Fresno Bee: Decades after destruction, Yosemite welcomes home Native Americans.

“Wahhoga’s return has been decades in the making. The American Indian Council of Mariposa County/Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation finally got the OK to begin construction a decade ago, only to have their work halted for nearly seven years by Yosemite’s former superintendent, who cited safety concerns.

“We knew how to build a roundhouse from traditional knowledge that’s been passed down. … The park service didn’t understand that,” said Tony Brochini, former tribal chairman and executive director of the Wahhoga Committee. “That is where we butted heads. The park service wanted us to follow project management protocol and we were moving forward with our traditional methods.”

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