Daily Archives: October 29, 2006

Little Adventures in Autumn

In other news, I enjoyed the autumn holidays (we had two weeks off from school) – we went to a friend’s birthday party and another friend’s wedding near Stuttgart the first weekend.

On the second weekend my sister and her boyfriend from Hamburg visited us. Together we went to the Rhine and visited Boppard (where we rode the chair lift to the Vierseenblick which offers a great view over the Rhine valley) and the Marksburg castle (good website if you turn off the sound, check out the panorama photos) which dates back to the 14th century.

During the last week I spent two days in Stuttgart visiting with a friend. But now I’ve been back in school for a week and will have three math tests to grade by tomorrow, two of which I’ll have to finish preparing now.

The weather has been really nice in the past couple of days – if you want to know how nice, check out André‘s photos from today! I especially like the peacock butterfly and the dandelion.

Cooking in Autumn

I’ve had a cold for the past few days, and I find that a hearty soup always makes you feel better, especially in autumn. Yesterday, André cooked my favourite minestrone with chicken (recipe in German), but I think I’ll try some of the soups from this AskMe thread on soup recipes or a pumpkin soup like Daniel made.

I’d also really like to try to make some spicy Asian soup with ginger – I’m sure it would clear my sinuses right up! If you’ve got a recipe, drop me a line in the comments or via e-mail!

Als Nachtisch könnte man dann umgedrehten Kürbiskuchen mit Pecannüssen und Cranberries essen. Gerade vor ein paar Tagen habe ich in der Obstabteilung unseres Supermarktes frische Cranberries gesehen und überlegt, was man damit wohl anfangen könnte – da kommt dieses Rezept mir gerade recht!