Monday, October 15 2001

Cheap RAM

Since Scott mentioned it today and others talked about it as well: I bought 256 MB of RAM for my iBook last week – for DM 99 (currently US$ 46).

When I bought the computer this spring, 256 MB still cost DM 260. The 384 MB the computer now has should be enough for the lifespan of this computer.

And now it’s time for bed. My first oral exam is on Wednesday.

No mail today

It seems we didn’t get any mail today because there was an anthrax (deutsch: Milzbrand) scare. When the mail was sorted yesterday, an envelope ripped and white powder fell out. The police was called, the delivery of mail stopped, and the powder was examined. It turned out it was harmless, but it was too late for the mail to go out in time today.

Links zu deutschsprachigen Meldungen beim General-Anzeiger:

  • Pulver hält Postler und Feuerwehr in Atem.
  • Die Polizei sucht nach dem “Trittbrettfahrer”.
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