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Sunday, September 30 2001


Physics Limericks. Via bleu blog.

And Then There Were Photons

An electron, while trav’ling in space,

Met a positron there “face-to-face.”

The electron then sighed,

At the sight of his bride

And they “died” in a loving embrace.

(By William Rolnick)

lamucoast thumb: Kenya

Saturday, September 30, 1995: From Lamu back to Mombasa.


André and I just returned from a little bike tour. The weather is just lovely! Photos coming soon…

From the Weird Weblogger Dream Department

It seems having dreams involving fellow webloggers is getting more and more common…


“interesting dream last night. i had dinner in germany with andrea and andre in an outdoor cafe. very pleasant. seems i could speak fluent german. but i seem to have been wearing lederhosen and a large green cowboy hat. ah, well. that’s what dreams are for, i guess. nope; we weren’t eating freshly-caught squash …”

LOL! Come on over any time! I’d love to see you in Lederhosen and a cowoby hat. Oh, and do bring Sandra along!

Friday, September 28 2001

manda beach thumb: Kenya

Thursday, September 28, 1995: Gone fishing!


Today I went squash hunting. (See image below.) Squash are not as common in Germany as they are in the USA, and especially butternut squash are pretty rare. However, they’re also quite tame, so I was able to catch this one with my bare hands. I didn’t need a squash cat and a rifle like John does.

Tomorrow, we will use the squash for Pork Stew with Corn Bread Topping. The recipe says the stew has to be cooked in a Dutch oven. Since we don’t own one, do you think we can just cook it in a pot? Dutch ovens are not known in Germany, or at least I’ve never heard of one before.

Update: Al says that a Dutch oven is a pot with a lid. Yeah, we actually have one. Thanks Al!

butternut squash:

Thursday, September 27 2001

Virtual Tours of World Trade Center

Susan has a great collection of links to sites with QTVR panoramas and other virtual tours of the WTC today. Thanks for collecting them

Is it just me, or does everyone get literally dizzy when moving around in QTVRs that not only go 360° around, but 180° up and down as well?


Oliver has a picture from the new shooting location for the Spiderman movie. It seems they are going to use the cathedral in Cologne instead of the Twin Towers.

The Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) has a Domcam (cathedral webcam).


Wednesday, Septemer 27, 1995: Lamu.

Diese Woche in der Zeit

Dossier: Das Idol des heiligen Krieges. “Der Terrorist Osama bin Laden begeistert in Pakistan Tausende Menschen. Er verspricht den Armen ein besseres Leben, kämpft gegen die Feinde Allahs und führt die Fahnder des Westens in die Irre.”

Geschichte: Asterix bei den Historikern. “Altertumsforscher untersuchten die Abenteuer der rauflustigen Gallier auf ihren Wahrheitsgehalt. Alles stimmt, beim Teutates!”

Natürlich nicht wirklich alles, aber doch erstaunlich viel. Schade, in der Online-Version fehlt das Bild mit dem Hinweis, daß es “Sonnen-Armbanduhren” tatsächlich gab.

Bildung: Die Schule kommt nach Hause. “Für viele Schüler in den USA hat das Klassenzimmer ausgedient. Sie lernen online – wo und wann bestimmen sie selbst.”


Goldene Schnittmuster – Nicht-periodische Parkettierungen und Penrose-Muster.

Danke für den Link an die Schockwellenreiterin Gabi.