Daily Archives: October 17, 2001

Wednesday, October 17 2001

Lego für Fortgeschrittene

Wenn das nichts ist: Ein Legoroboter löst den Rubik’s Cube. Ich gebe zu, so viel Geduld hatte ich mit meinem Zauberwürfel nie… den mußte immer mein Papi wieder richtig hinbasteln.

Link via Schockwellenreiter.

[Ja, Jörg, das Apostroph in “Rubik’s” habe ich absichtlich gesetzt, denn “Rubik’s Cube” ist englisch, und da gehört an besitzanzeigende “s” eins dran. ]

mackegarten: Mackescher Garten in Bonn


I survived my first oral exam this morning. It went quite well, I think, but the profs thought otherwise and gave me a poorer grade than I deserved, at least in my opinion. But now it’s over, so whatever. At least I won’t have to deal with pedagogy any more. For the next five weeks I’m gonna bury myself in math and physics books.

This afternoon I went to see a wonderful exhibition of paintings and sketches that August Macke (deutsche Site) did during the time he lived in Bonn. He’s one of my favourite painters, and this is the best of the paintings from Bonn, in my opinion. It shows the artist’s wife and son in their garden. I took a photo of the painting (see above), and it turned out well although I had no tripod.

There were also quite a few impressive sketches. I like this one from the website of the August Macke Haus (site in German).

Tonight I’m going to watch Chocolat at the movies, and I guess by the time I come home I’ll be more than ready for bed. I’m always amazed at how much an exam can exhaust you, even if it is only one hour long… Too bad I can’t take a few days off. Unfortunately, there’s too much stuff I have to learn for the two remaining exams.