Thursday, May 24 2001

Real or not?

The Kaycee hoax has people question other people’s identities…

Yesterday, Al met Susan, as these photos proove. Or do they? wink:

Scott wonders whether André and I are real (and tries to proove his own existence). He has asked Craig, but Craig apparently has doubts

Well, Scott, in case it turns out André and I do not really exist, you can still meet at least one real person in Amsterdam. There is so much evidence of his existence that I think we can conclude that he must be real.

See you there… hopefully! facehappy:


New URLs everywhere… now it’s Downstairs at Dry Creek (I think Upstairs has changed as well), and Traumwind.


My email is still broken… meanwhile, please use Thanks!

“Ich habe einen Traum”: Douglas Adams.

“Der Autor sollte für das Zeit-Leben über einen Traum nachdenken.

Dann saß der Zweimetermann auf einem zierlichen Stühlchen im Innenhof des Hotels Adlon und redete über eine Stunde lang. Es fiel ihm schwer, beim Thema zu bleiben: Immer neue Ideen und Verknüpfungen führten ihn auf Abwege. Er entwarf den Traum eines Gesellschaftsspiels mit kleinen Supercomputern, für das sich 13 Menschen in einer Flughafenlounge in Albuquerque, New Mexico, treffen – sein letzter Ausflug in die Zukunft.”

2 thoughts on “Thursday, May 24 2001

  1. Andrea Frick

    I’m not sure that certificate looks real to me… rather plain, easy to fake.

    But of course I’ve never seen a birth certificate before, so what do I know?

    Since I believe in statistics, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance that Frauke, Christopher and you are all real. After all, how many percent of the webloggers are fake? Less than 5%, I’d think. Since Kaycee turned out to be fake, there’s a good chance that all the people we’re going to meet in Amsterdam are real. facehappy:

    See you there! I’m going to bring my camera to take pictures of everyone to proove we’ve really met.

    Update: Whoops, I totally forgot that photos are not proofs of existence any more… maybe I’ll have to take photos of people’s passports as well?!

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