Wednesday, May 16 2001

Interface Design The Humane Touch: Bad Design Can Be Costly. The author, Jef Raskin, is the “father of the original Macintosh project, he named it after his favorite apple”.

Link via Susan.


BBC News: The Secret of matter discovered. Charge Parity (CP) violation is responsible for the fact that there is more matter than antimatter.

Link via Hal.


Cinderella is an interactive geometry software written in Java that is capable of constructions in Euklidian, elliptical and hyperbolic Geometry. You can include graphics in other documents as vector graphic or convert them to HTML. (Seems like it’s just what I was looking for when I wrote my thesis…) You can download a demo version from the website. The full version is DM 98.60 or $ 54.95. Cinderella is available in English and German (school, student and network versions).

Update: I downloaded the demo version for Mac (without Java Virtual Machine), but it didn’t work. Whenever I clicked on the ‘install’ icon, the thing tried to load a page in Internet Explorer – but didn’t succeed. I let it try for a whole hour, but nadasadface:


AndrĂ© and I are going to Amsterdam on the weekend after this one. And yes, we’ll be at the Scripting News Dinner on Saturday night. We’re really looking forward to this little trip because we can do some more sightseein in Amsterdam (AndrĂ© didn’t get to see much of it last year) and of course because we’re going to meet some nice people there!

Link rot

The Globe and Mail article about the Lord of the Rings movie I linked to yesterday is now here.