December 11 2000

Christmas Shopping

Today, André and I went ‘downtown’ again to shop for clothes. It was much less crowded than it was on Saturday, but we didn’t manage to be as fast as Papa Scott. André, maybe we should go to Hamburg next time?!

Anyway, we’re now all set for whatever dinners we have to attend during the holidays. Sigh!

Neues Weblog

Bei Sean wurde ich auf Bluepixel aufmerksam. Wieder ein Blogger mehr…

Und er oder sie (?) hat mich in der Linkliste. Dankeschön!

Er oder sie? Hm… Entweder, ich kann nicht gucken, oder da gibt’s tatsächlich nicht das kleinste bißchen Info über die Autorin oder den Autor. Hallo, wer bist Du?

The weekend is over

Hmmm… I missed not one, but two flips this weekend. When has that happened last?

So, did you miss me? wink:

I’ve spent four horribly stressful hours in town on Saturday, shopping. No, not for Christmas presents, but for clothes. I do that very seldom, and I’ll make sure it won’t ever happen again on a Saturday two weeks before Christmas.

When I returned home on Saturday afternoon, I was totally exhausted and had a headache, so I spent the rest of the day lying on the sofa and reading the Zeit. In the evening, I talked to my sister on the phone – for three hours! I guess that’s a record. (In case you are wondering: We talk on the phone very seldom; usually, we ‘talk’ to each other via email.)

Today, I spent some frustrating hours on trying to update OzTeX, only to discover that some features I need for my thesis no longer worked, so I had to change back to the older version.

After that, I started experimenting with MetaPost. Lo and behold, I managed to draw a circle and some lines!

I’m working on it, though.

And now the weekend is over, and it’s time for bed. Have a nice Monday, everyone!