Daily Archives: December 13, 2000

December 13 2000


Today we had a very special treat – we were invited to dine at the Graugans Restaurant in Cologne. Ah, look at the menu! It’s just a sample, but it gives you an idea on the food, which was really delicious! We all had Crème Brulée (and assorted other treats the names of which I forgot) for dessert.

Thanks again for the invitation! – I know the generous donor is reading my weblog, but he said he didn’t want me to give away anything about the lunch. Which I didn’t, did I?


It’s not yet winter in Germany. Here in Bonn, it is fairly warm, and it was sunny almost all day today. But it is quite windy, and there have been heavy storms in other parts of Germany.

Since there’s no sight of cold and snow here yet, I’m re-reading Susan‘s Lake George Diary from January. Ah, those wonderful photos… They make me want to go and visit Lake George myself.

Look at these photos! The second one is especially beautiful… almost unreal.