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December 14 2000


“A new book by Tales of the City author Armistead Maupin: The Night Listener. ‘The first novel ever broadcast as a spoken-word serial in its entirety on the web prior to publication!’

Read and listen to Chapter 1 of The Night Listener.”

Thanks for the link, Sheila.

You can also download it as PDF. Oh, and here’s a biography of the author.

Fromme Wünsche

Ich auch. Allerdings hätte ich lieber ein blaues.


Al told great stories yesterday and today.

“Megan will now provide running commentary of the morning events along with interpretive dance movements; you may assume from this point on that she is closely following the morning action while bouncing randomly off the walls.”

Andre mit Brille: 20/20 vision

Look at my new and improved boyfriend, now with perfect vision again! wink:

More snow

It seems everyone’s got snow. John reported plowing through snow drifts, Garret has 6″ of new snow, and now Susan has snow as well. I want some snow, too!

Oh, and look at Susan’s icicle photos from yesterday! Walking in a winter wonderland

US election

Finally. The election is over, and it seems like George W. Bush is going to be the next president of the US.

Here are the transcripts of the statements of George Bush and Al Gore.

Oliver has some thoughts on the outcome of the elections.

To me, it seems like the whole vote counting business has been made more complicated by those voting machines – which are supposed to make counting easier!

In Germany, we vote by putting crosses next to a name or party on a sheet of paper. After the election is over, all the votes are being counted by hand, and we get the results an hour or two later. No half-punched ballots, no discussion what counts as a vote and what doesn’t, no recounts. It’s that simple.

I think the US should think about using this technique instead of their fancy machines.