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December 18 2000


BigFAQ: god answers the big philosophical questions. That’s god with a little “g”.

Link via Craig.

Christmas around the world

It’s Monday! A new week with lots of work for my thesis, plus I still have to buy some presents…

I found these Christmas links on the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition site:

Christmas around the world

Click on the world map to find out about Christmas in other countries and cultures.

If you want to know what Christmas is like in Germany, read about it here. However, I think many Germans celebrate in a different way. If you want to know how I celebrate Christmas, come back in a few days: I’m probably going to write about it.

Christmas – the global celebration.

In Japan: “And there’s no problem cooking that big dinner. Parents have been known to wait for hours lined up outside the local Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise to buy a bucket of chicken for their eager children. (At the root of this practice is the perceived similarity between Colonel Sanders and jolly old St. Nick.)”

Besser spät als nie…

Okay, ich bin sehr spät dran. Anfang November mußte Eric Weisstein seine MathWorld-Site aus dem Netz nehmen, wegen Copyright-Streitereien mit dem Verlag, der das davon abgeleitete Buch herausgegeben hat. Und schon einen Tag gab es dazu einen Artikel in der Telepolis: Fällt MathWorld dem Copyright zum Opfer?, von Peter Mühlbauer, 05.11.2000.

Den habe ich damals natürlich nicht gesehen…

Ich hoffe nach wie vor, daß Eric Weisstein den Rechtsstreit gewinnt und MathWorld wieder online gehen darf!