December 8 2000

The weekend

Tonight, André and I are going to meet some friends to play Roborally, which is our favourite board game. We haven’t played it in a while because it’s fun to play only if you’ve got at least four players.

And now I have to do some grocery shopping so we don’t have to starve over the weekend…

A few little stories

… I found on Kristin Thomas‘s site:

I was a Talking Xmas Tree

D is for Dye

Mathematics Museum Japan – an interesting site, but it has links to even more interesting sites!

Take a look at Totally Tesselated. They have all their info neatly organized – see the site map! (The site might be helpful for my thesis, I think.)

Here’s another site about Symmetry and Tessellations, one about Number Patterns – Fun with Curves and Topology, and one about Polyhedra Pastimes. They belong to Jill Britton’s Home, which is full of links to other wonderful math-relates sites. (That’s where I found the pic, by the way.)

Danke für den Link, Jörg!

Fragt sich nur, ob ich vor lauter Mathe-Surfen heute nochmal dazu komme, was für meine Arbeit zu tun… wink:


Visit archeological sites in Greece – Metis has lots and lots of QuickTime VRs of interesting places: Athens, Mycenae, Delphi, Corinth…

And they even have one of Phaistos on Crete! I’ve been there with a friend in 1994. Imke, kommt Dir das bekannt vor?

Link via Garret.


Herzlichen nullkommafünften Webloggeburtstag, Bastian!

Hey, und cooles Rollover-Bild von Dir!