December 5 2000

P.S. to World AIDS Day

Susan has written a story for World AIDS Day: Remembering Jeffry Michael.

As usual with these things, English words fail me. It’s a very moving story. Go and read it!

Susan, thanks for sharing it with us.

[I meant to link to this earlier, but forgot… sorry.]

Going to the movies…

Yesterday, I went to see Angela’s Ashes with two friends. We were all disappointed by the film. I had read the book (and the sequel) before seeing the film, and I expected the film to have the same mixture of humour and sadness as the book. But it seemed like they left out all the positve parts of the books: Some were mentioned by the narrator, but almost none were actually shown.

We were all a bit depressed when we left. And we were cold! It was not very warm in the movie theater, but seeing it raining on the screen for two hours made me shiver.